Portland Cement Type V Ciment


Portland Cement Type V  - Ciment 

Portland cement, type 5, as specified by P5 
For use as sulfate resistant Portland cement, when high resistance against



Louis Vicat, inventor of artificial cement

Louis Vicat's great discovery

"He revealed the causes, established the rules, and then ... created art." (Louis Vicat, as described by Baron Thénard, French chemist)


After graduating from the prestigious École Polytechnique, and receiving an advanced engineering degree from the École nationale des ponts et chaussées (the "National School of Bridges and Roads," France's oldest civil engineering school, founded in 1747), Louis Vicat received a commission in 1812 to build a bridge over the Dordogne River. The job was complicated by the exceptionally rough waters of the Dordogne and its unstable riverbed. But, after careful experimentation, Louis Vicat discovered a material that would enable him to create a low-cost and solid bridge. By mixing powdered lime with clay, he created an artificial cement that would set after being submerged in water for a several days.

Barely 32 years old, Louis Vicat presented his work to the Academy of Sciences in 1818, which officially validated the soundness of his artificial cement discovery. The Souillac Bridge over the Dordogne River was successfully completed in 1822, and was the first bridge to be built using artificial cement. 

Almost 200 years later, Louis Vicat's discovery is the foundation that the modern cement industry is built upon.


International Standard
FOB Price per T:

USD 48


Portland cement Type 5

Because of low aluminate phase (5% <), Portland Cement Type 5 has a high strength against sulfate ions in water and earth environments. According to concrete regulation (ABA), in severe sulfate water environments, sulfate ion concentration is more than 1200 ppm and in severe sulfate earth environments, is over a 5/0% weight of the earth, and thus based on this regulation it is necessary for all of the water and earth exposed-concrete factors , can be made by type 5 cement and ​​in any case for very severe sulfate environments with more than 2500 ppm sulfate concentrations in water and more than 1% in earth the type 5 cement must be used.

Note: Researches has shown that type 5 cement concrete is vulnerable against chloride environments, and thus if in environment chloride ion is with sulfate ion, the use of this cement must be done with caution and necessary tests should be done before. The 3, 7, 28 days of strength limit for this cement is less than other Portland cements and therefore has limitation in using for factors that required greater strength.

Chemical and physical properties of type 5 cement based on standards :




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