OPC Cement 42,5 N ciment 42,5 N


OPC Cement 42,5 N - Ciment 42,5 N - 1-425 -  M-400  - ORDINARY PORTLAND CEMENT

This Cement  has the chemical and physical properties of Cement 325-1 . The difference is at the initial pressure resistance level (2-days) at least 100 kg/cm² and the final resistance (28-day) at least 425 kg/cm² and maximum of 625 kg on square centimeter that the early closure of a hard cement and concrete structures in all armed and unarmed that need to be more original and final strength, the ability to apply. In typical concrete as expressed in lieu of Cement 1-325, all of the columns, the slab roofs, bridges, structures that need to open a quick format and concreting in cold weather, the application of the Cement is.

European Standard CE - SGS ISO Certificate
FOB Price per T:

USD 52


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